GuitarTricks, JamPlay or Justin Guitar? Which One Is Best?

GuitarTricks, JamPlay or Justin Guitar? Which One Is Best?

Are you wondering which online guitar lessons site is better for you? After reading this guitartricks vs jamplay review you will be in a position to make an informed choice. JamPlay, Justin guitar and GuitarTricks are all forces to reckon with when it comes to teaching guitar online. All three sites have excellent features for easy hands on learning and tons of support. They also boast of millions of guitar alumni and hundreds of thousands active membership. So how to distinguish apples and lemons? Pay attention to the following review and you will know which site you want.

We start off with the two titans guitartricks vs jamplay review and leave Justin guitar for a while mainly because these two are paid sites. So without further ado let’s jump into the details..

Both GuitarTricks and JamPlay are paid sites so let’s start off with pricing. Overall, GuitarTricks wins with an average of $0.02 per lesson compared to the $0.03 for JamPlay which is also quite good. GuitarTricks charges you about 14.95 monthly while JamPlay will have you part with $19.95. also worth noting is the double money back guarantee of sixty days offered by guitartricks versus the 30 day guarantee for the competition.

With both sites you will enjoy online features and apps like online guitar tuner and libraries. However things take an interesting turn where JamPlay offers live lessons while guitartricks does not.  Also, the former has nearly double the number of instructors in addition to a longer total number of lesson video length. On quite the flip-side, it can be very confusing which teacher to choose for consistent learning. Regardless of the one you choose, you are likely to be missing out on much else.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

When it comes to rating by online users, guitartricks takes the lead again with a near perfect score. JamPlay is not far behind with well over 98% though. Music varieties are roughly just as many on each platform featuring acoustic, bluegrass, blues, folk, funk, jazz, surf, rock and world.

Justin guitar free versus guitartricks and JamPlay

Justin guitar website is free to access and they claim to teach guitar for gratis but technically, you have to purchase material to learn effectively. They are a cheaper option for those on a short leash budget and not really looking to learn in deep detail. It would make a great place for beginners who are unsure of what they are after playing but then the wrong start could ruin everything for you and make you hate guitar so cheap is expensive.

Final verdict: which is the best site to learn guitar online?

We could write a book on reviewing guitartricks vs jamplay but at the end of it you might still remain with the same question. JamPlay and Justin guitar free are all worthy competitors. They are some of the world’s best sites to learn music online and are worth a shot. In all fairness, guitartricks wins for being affordable yet offering the best selection and quality of accostic and electric guitar lessons.

How to Build Proper Mindset to Learn Guitar Fast From Online

Why lie? Learning to play the guitar is not a walk in the park for some. When we set our minds to a goal, nothing is impossible though. It’s all about building the proper mindset and managing your expectations when you are subscribing to websites that hosts the best online guitar lessons for beginners. People take this to mean that to lower their expectations, which is not the case at all. Instead, finding out what to expect will rid you of anxiety and prepare your mind to learn. Here are some things you need to have at the back of your mind as you prepare for your first online guitar lesson.

Hack your own mind

Learning how to play guitar, whether online or with a private tutor will require a mind change. You cannot allow room to second guess your decision. You must also come with a new mind eager to learn, make mistakes, learn from them and then move on to make some more. If you dwell too much on the same mistakes then you will not learn any further than a few lessons before quitting. In fact, it’s the quitter’s attitude that you must fight at all costs if you are to succeed at this.

Proper learning is systematic

There is a lot of noise out there about how it is better to learn random things about playing the  guitar . Once you can play like a pro, then you can explore freely. Until then, it is best to find a structured program to understand the basics and make the right neural connections. You want to start from the ground up not just learning scrambles of content. This way, you will develop a good hear for music in addition to your magic fingers.

Learn through doing

Make muscle memory by practicing more. For every hour of lectures you sit through, it will take several hours to get the lesson at your fingertips literally. These are no ordinary classes so you are not allowed to be inactive. Ok, that would not be an effective use of your time and school fees. When it comes playing guitar, nothing beats practice. This does not mean you should allow yourself to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Have fun doing it!

Throughout the period of learning guitar online try to remind yourself not to pressure yourself too much. You are here by choice and to have some fun too. Don’t expect a smooth ride but your desire to play good guitar is enough to overcome. And who said every online guitar lesson has to be an uphill climb? You just might find that you can hardly put down your guitar for the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter where you come from; you are an introvert, or whatever. You can be the best the world has ever seen. You just have to have the diligence to practice. Start small and slow but hang on!

3 things you should know about learning to play guitar

3 things you should know about learning to play guitar

We are not going to define a good guitarist for you or even give you a motivational talk on how easy it is to learn to play guitar tricks and solos online. We are going to tell you three little secrets that no guitarist will tell you. We can promise you will love the tips or even playing guitar at all. But again how will you know if you never try this out today!

Structure your learning experience

Some people will tell you not to structure your learning and give plenty of convincing reasons not to but if you want to cover some ground you need a plan. It is very difficult if not impossible to play good music without understanding all fundamentals. A structured program will get you ready faster making sure to equip you with everything you need for a head start.

Learning guitar takes time

Everyone is telling you how fast you can learn and how easy it is but the truth is that the guitar is a sophisticated instrument. As versatile as they get, it is for some a walk in the park and  for others the very material nightmares are made from. Just the same, have confidence that you will rock and roll. Just not the first day! So manage your expectations so you are not frustrated when you have to relearn simple things for longer.

And more time!

Practice! Practice! Practice! And when you are done, practice some more. Its that simple, play more and you will get better. Muscle memory is not quite like your brain function. You have to do it many times over and get it wrong more than a few times to finally get it right. And when you finally get it, its best to move on to the next level of playing. You will have all the time to play when you are through with the online course so rather than stalling, you had better move forward.

Stating best guitar lesson online

So you don’t really ever have to do anything unless you really want it badly. In that case, don’t be a stickler for the rules or even your own playing schedule.  You can play yourself to sleep if that’s what you want to do -if its even possible. Don’t consume more blogs on how to play guitar like a pro, play on! Don’t get it twisted, we hope you come back often for some handy tips on how to up your game but the point is not to know them for the sake of knowing but to be inspired to play even better. While there is no such thing as teaching yourself to play guitar independent of anybody else, there are as many playing styles as are guitarists. Learn from everyone that inspires but find your own style, make it relevant to you. That’s how to learn guitar faster with the best guitar online lessons.