12 of the funniest dogs ever shame photos

i ate my dad's teeth

Most of the dog shaming mode is complete. Some of you might not be fans at all, and you should probably skip this. But for the rest of us, these are the dogs sitting right next to a piece of paper with a confession absolutely delicious about them!

I stick my head through the shower curtain

I eat grayons and poop rain bows

I jumpad into a stranger car

today i ate 12 year old

i ate mom best shoed

i ate my dad's teeth

i've eaten so many legos, i could poop a star wars ship!

i ofened the door and let a robber in

i don't like to run with mom faked leg injuries

the shower curtain was too long so i fixed it

i break into the pantry and hide potatos all around the house

I spontaneausly drop to the floor

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