The Dangers of Onion Toxicity


The organosulóxidos (sulphides) in onions, garlic, leeks and onions react with the cell membranes of the red blood cells of dogs, which causes the cells (burst). Cats are more sensitive to the lytic action of toxicosis allium (onion family) than dogs.

It is a widespread myth that a small amount of onions or garlic is not harmful to dogs. In fact, many homemade recipes dog treatments include garlic powder seasoning because dogs tend to love so much. Dogs are tolerant onions garlic and small amounts of either of the two times not produce effects that are noticed.

foxy roxy

Foxy Roxy – recently adopted from Nebraska Humane Society. Smaller dogs are more greatly affected than larger dogs by the same amount of onions.

However, I think that any amount of garlic or onion is unacceptable because it always causes damage at the cellular level, regardless of whether the effects of the damage are noted and “toxic”.

Common definition of animal toxin – high levels of a substance to bring to a level enough to cause measurable damage or problems are noticed by others

Correct definition of toxin poison

A small amount of the consumption of garlic or onion will cause a small amount of subclinical hemolysis. In other words, a small amount of a small amount of red blood cells burst. Dogs need to enrich their red blood cells, the brain and other important organs with oxygen.

Moderate consumption of garlic or onion will likely make your pet feel and lethargic, which can remain unnoticed.

A lot of garlic or onion intake cause clinical signs that are felt for the dog and noticed by people. Characters can take several days to develop. Symptoms include:

stomach pain
Fast heart rate
Fast breathing
Anemia – low number of red blood cells
Secondary anemia pallor
Jaundice – yellowing of the skin, gums or whites of the eyes, in this case secondary to hemolysis
Hem / or blood

Lysis or destruction pause

Hemolysis – rupture or destruction of red blood cells

Anemia – low number of red blood cells

Heinz’s body – microscopically small red changes of blood corpuscles observed with this particular toxicity and others. Heinz bodies are small swellings, which are in the cell membranes of the red blood corpuscles before the lysis. These are signs of a weakened cell membrane.

Onion and garlic toxicity is rarely lethal, but can cause serious diseases secondary to the destruction of red blood cells and anemia resulting cause. The anemia caused by onion toxicity caused a regenerative anemia, which means that the lights of the body produce new red blood cells. This process can take up to a week to start, and until then continue cell damage.

If your pet has present, contains onions, garlic or food has taken, call your veterinarian immediately. In the early stages, toxicity is often treated with supportive care and detoxification. In the later stages, oxygen therapy and blood transfusions are sometimes also required as supportive care and monitoring of anemia.

Please note: although the treatment of the recipe says garlic, even if your dog likes the onion stew, even if you dig in the garden hard worked for leeks, never let your dog eat the food from the family of the onion. The resulting toxicity is rarely fatal, but dangerously unusual, sometimes uncomfortable, but still occurs.

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