Dog PC is the first “Dog Computer” to completely interactively keep your dog closer

dog pc


It seems that there is a computer these days for almost everyone. In the past, computers were giant machines that occupied entire rooms. Now even your dog can have its own PC interactive tablet, you can communicate with them wherever they are. There are also many other interesting things.


Dog PC was made by Tesla. It is not the same as electric vehicles produced, but a completely different company. They can be in front of the head because they are the technology behind the dog smart home five meters of the company made to be like a double decker bus in the UK. It was said T-Pai, The Automatic Intelligent Dog House.


The device is similar in many respects to those already for sale as Petcube. If you have to interact with your dog remotely via an internet connection, there is a touch screen and camera, and you can even spread treats. In addition to these features, it has also been built in games specifically for dogs.


A game is similar to mobile games and casual games like Fruit Ninja, your dog can play with the stroke of a paw or nose, and two more titles will be provided at the start. The idea is to keep the animals can be very anxious if your husband is not there for himself. The dog PC provides connectivity and entertainment for our dog. How cool is that?!

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