Former Bait Doggie Oogy Died Surrounded by Loving Family

Bait Dog Oogy


Oogy became a celebrity in 2008 when he was invited to Oprah and was the subject of a book in 2010 he began his life as a bait dog for dead, but ended up surrounded by family members that absolutely struck me the last 12 years.

Larry Levin and his twin 12-year-old son just said had farewell to their painful cat Buzzy 17 at Ardmore Animal Hospital in Pennsylvania when she met Oogy. Badly distorted puppies were brought by the police, which saved him during a drug razia.

“The whole left side of his head a pink scar tissue was bright and seemed to have melted,” Larry Dogster said.

No one knows exactly what happened to the Cubs, but was probably used as a bait dog, then left to die in the home of the drug. Despite his terrible abuse, Oogy was still full of love, and was happy to kiss the twins.

The Levins adopted Oogy

The Levins accepted Oogy and have become advocates of the race despot. They were surprised that Oogy was actually a Dogo Argentino, but that made the difference when Larry dedicated his statement to a website dedicated to dogs.

The story of Oogy went fast virally, and in 2008 a producer called The Oprah Winfrey Show to invite her to make an appearance on a question of Valentine’s Day. Larry was very pleased with the opportunity to share the story of Oogy, but I knew that the only way to make the study of Chicago drove.

Ten days after the start of television Oogy, a literary agent named a book deal. Larry had always wanted to write, and it was the perfect opportunity.
“I’ve been writing two years,” he said. “In fact, they gave me so much that I wanted or I needed. ”
The book became a bestseller, and Oogy rose to stardom in the dog world

The book became a bestseller, and Oogy rose to fame in the dog world. The book helped Larry as well as Oogy, Fundraiser involved in the rescue and be a guest speaker in schools. Children learn the sad Oogy early and take collections for groups and non-profit rescue.

Over the years, so Oogy became the least because of its health public appearances.

“He went through three operations on the head – the first backup and second in the reconstruction of his face,” Larry said. “Then in 2011, he broke down. They thought it was a brain tumor
It was a brain tumor, but a generalized infection requiring a third operation.
Inside his skull, pieces of fur and pieces of his cheekbone

“Inside the skull, skin patches of his cheekbone nine years ago was infected. We clean and all survived.

Oogy was still able to make trips to a nearby prison where he and Larry were volunteers with a new life belt in the United States, prisoners learn that at dogs and train them to make them more adoptable. Larry told them about dog fighting.

“We are back home to the communities where dogs are fighting, and changed that view,” he said.

Larry hates what Oogy has happened, but is happy that joined.
The worst thing that ever happened to this dog is also the best thing that ever happened to him

“The worst thing happened to this dog is the best thing ever happened,” he said. “There is a lack of others around … we are just two old people who help each other. ”

This is especially true now that the twins grew up. On March 2 Larry shared the sad news for the fans of the Facebook group Oogy your wonderful boy had disappeared.

Noah came from Boston Friday when I called. Dan pulled a mattress on the second floor -Oogy could not navigate any stairs for a long time, and four every minute of the weekend spent together, sleeping in the living room, eating there, watching movies, for short walks. We cover Oogy kisses. We kissed again.

This morning I fed Oogy a bison filet

This morning I fed Oogy Bison steak. I got a moisturizer on your big nose fat and fell into the mischievous eyes as I do every day, and put his warm orange coat, which gave him Linda, and we went for a walk. He was a hundred years old and held our mind through the whole ordeal, but went away from us. He did not suffer. We went through so much together, and I can not tell you how much it means to me. He gave me the life I have. He brought me joy every day in the past 12 years. Every day. Think about it.

I know this sadness is inevitable, and do not know how the hole, or even if it can be, but I would not have made otherwise. Her love was important to him, and he loved you this insatiable love that was her essence. Thank our collective heart support. Hopefully this site will continue to help animals in need. I will be as soon as possible.

I know this profound sadness is inevitable

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