Give a dog a Bone (But MAKE CERTAIN it’s Safe First!)


The bones have always been a favorite gift of all time. For years we fed our bones raw or cooked puppies, and we enjoyed seeing them enjoy every piece of it. However, questions have recently asked the experts when all the bones are safe for dogs to eat. Otherwise, what to avoid?

Bone Feed

· The raw bones. Almost all raw bones are safe for dogs. Believe it or not, raw chicken, turkey, lamb, beef or even bone oxtail can be fed into its raw natural form. In addition, more tasty, raw bones are excellent for maintaining dental health. Apart from being a whole fish, including the head, can also give your dog. These first dog bones were identified as soft bones; It is therefore easy and safe to chew and eat.

· Leisure time Os. Another type of bone that your dog can give is the recreation area. This usually refers to a large joint not offered as a bony but give your bastard long hours of satisfaction to chew. Some of the most common spare bones are the bones and bones of the joint meat. However, it is important that the owners remove these large bones when chewed in small pieces as they pose a serious risk of suffocation for pets. When cooked these bones are specially marked for dogs.

Avoid bones

· Boiled fish and chicken bones. Any bone that breaks into sharp fragments is dangerous to your dog. This type of bone cooked generally does not just present a suffocation hazard for dogs, but also the risk of fragmentation. Do not eat boiled fish, chicken or beef bones as they can easily split, harm the gums, teeth and throat; What to cause pain and even possible injury. If your dog cooked bone fragments of these swallows, also runs the risk of internal injuries.

Therefore, as a thumb rule standard – only your dog will give raw bones or bones sold and specially marked for dogs. Always make sure your dog has a bone that is suitable for its size to avoid a suffocation. And watch as he always eats while he eats away-away a possible danger.

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