Are you wondering which online guitar lessons site is better for you? After reading this guitartricks vs jamplay review you will be in a position to make an informed choice. JamPlay, Justin guitar and GuitarTricks are all forces to reckon with when it comes to teaching guitar online. All three sites have excellent features for easy hands on learning and tons of support. They also boast of millions of guitar alumni and hundreds of thousands active membership. So how to distinguish apples and lemons? Pay attention to the following review and you will know which site you want.

We start off with the two titans guitartricks vs jamplay review and leave Justin guitar for a while mainly because these two are paid sites. So without further ado let’s jump into the details..

Both GuitarTricks and JamPlay are paid sites so let’s start off with pricing. Overall, GuitarTricks wins with an average of $0.02 per lesson compared to the $0.03 for JamPlay which is also quite good. GuitarTricks charges you about 14.95 monthly while JamPlay will have you part with $19.95. also worth noting is the double money back guarantee of sixty days offered by guitartricks versus the 30 day guarantee for the competition.

With both sites you will enjoy online features and apps like online guitar tuner and libraries. However things take an interesting turn where JamPlay offers live lessons while guitartricks does not.  Also, the former has nearly double the number of instructors in addition to a longer total number of lesson video length. On quite the flip-side, it can be very confusing which teacher to choose for consistent learning. Regardless of the one you choose, you are likely to be missing out on much else.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

When it comes to rating by online users, guitartricks takes the lead again with a near perfect score. JamPlay is not far behind with well over 98% though. Music varieties are roughly just as many on each platform featuring acoustic, bluegrass, blues, folk, funk, jazz, surf, rock and world.

Justin guitar free versus guitartricks and JamPlay

Justin guitar website is free to access and they claim to teach guitar for gratis but technically, you have to purchase material to learn effectively. They are a cheaper option for those on a short leash budget and not really looking to learn in deep detail. It would make a great place for beginners who are unsure of what they are after playing but then the wrong start could ruin everything for you and make you hate guitar so cheap is expensive.

Final verdict: which is the best site to learn guitar online?

We could write a book on reviewing guitartricks vs jamplay but at the end of it you might still remain with the same question. JamPlay and Justin guitar free are all worthy competitors. They are some of the world’s best sites to learn music online and are worth a shot. In all fairness, guitartricks wins for being affordable yet offering the best selection and quality of accostic and electric guitar lessons.


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