Homeless Man With Great Love for His Dog Handled by an Angel


Patrick would do anything for your dog, Franklin, also for that first meal. When things got worse and worse, he took a cardboard with the inscription “Dog Pound.” Help needed “Wilma Price saw this sign and felt compelled to discover the story of Patrick.

This is an incredible story of a woman who saw a homeless and was touched by what he read. So much so that when their story unfold, despite their own personal challenges, she was forced to help the man and his dog.

Here are the words of Wilma, courtesy of Casey who edited the story to our attention, it is the story of Wilma, Patrick and Franklin, the essence of compassion, love and humanity.

Wow, what a day it was today. I was leaving the road Huntsville and had to pick up some shots to stop. I walk through the Wal-Mart parking and see a homeless sitting next to the road and the sign says [my dog ​​is in the help book]. Of course, what should I do? I saw all the signs in the world except this one. I saw “I need a beer”, “I lost my job”, “I need help” I could go on forever, but never this sign.

So I tried to pull, to the side and, of course, everyone is annoyed because I blocked them and asked that his case. I gave him my card and asked him how to take your dog to the pound. He said, $ 120 Well, I had $ 8 in my name. I said I would see what he can do.


First I called the book to check if the story man was true and says yes, and it was $ 120 me, why so asked? Pound said that $ 35 was the rate but gets [the dog] vaccine against rabies, heartworm test (if the dog was negative) and put a flea prevention. They said yes, the dog was in good shape.

So, now if I’m not a cent to my name, I call a dear friend of sponsor money. I tell them about this guy says, “Well, go back and discover his story,” so I’ve done. 30 years old, his name is Patrick. I spoke a few minutes to him and told me their situation and other things.

I said, “Well I get the money you get your dog, then come down to the book.” Patrick and I went to the book, we give it all their records and a copy of the rabies, but had to vaccinate again dogs. Patrick went to jail for rape, he held it for two days and confiscated his dog Franklin. The dog trembled as he left the book, so happy, happy to see the man.

So sometimes you just have to dig deeper and do what is right in his heart. This man loves this dog. In his backpack was the bowl and dog toy. It helps the dog against the world. The man was very, very grateful. I had tears in my eyes when the dog was out.

We were all in a bad situation in our lives, then remember to always pay. You never know who this person can help. But I know that a man loves his dog and tried to give me the money he had collected. I take it because I may get to eat this evening. He said his dog was eating before him. Wow, sounds like me too.


I wish I had the money to get the man a room for a week and let it re-group and Franklin, but unfortunately I can. All I can do is give your dog and pray that life gives a man a break. I called after leaving the man and Franklin. I had sunk in the Walmart car park. Our world is a cold sad. I pictures of Patrick and Franklin this afternoon in Huntsville fortification, Texas, there is less than an hour. Photos are Wal-Mart and book car and my truck. God bless you Patrick and Franklin tonight.

Casey shared additional information. The first had Wilma someone who would like to help Patrick and Franklin on your website group and the head for protection “Patrick and Franklin” – http://mrkspetshelter.org/donate/. He had been sent a GoFundMe page, but they are connected, and want to make sure that Patrick and Franklin are the recipients of all goodness.

On the other hand, Casey only talks about Wilma about Facebook, he said that he wants to find the couple in Dallas hoping to find more resources to help Patrick rebuild their lives.

For those who doubted that never angels among us as the guardian of Patrick Franklin and Wilma go as outsiders who do everything to fight the life of a man, it should not be doubtful.

To follow the story, please visit Wilma’s Facebook page.


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