How exactly to Help a Dog with an Upset Stomach

Golden Retrieve with upset stomach

Just like us, dogs can also have a stomach disorder. Some of the most common symptoms to consider are vomiting, dry burning sensation, diarrhea, flatulence, thirst and / or refusing to eat.

What Causes Stomach Problems?

The most common triggers for stomach discomfort have something to do with your dog’s diet. It might be that Fido is stressed to be allergic to what you have given him that maybe too much or too fast to eat or eat things that should not be consumed (such as food, coins, balls, ropes, Etc ..) Other causes of old foods, parasites and injuries can be.

But how do you know if stomach upset your furball is actually a bigger problem? Severe vomiting, the appearance of blood in vomit or stool, lethargy, fever, swelling, or a bite on the sides indicate a greater problem. Intestinal obstruction, ingestion of poisons, swelling and similar conditions are life-threatening. If your dog has something harmful such as rat poison or insects, chemicals, contaminated food or poisonous plants, immediately seek medical attention.

Once you have decided that it is not serious. What can be done?

If your dog appears to have an inconvenience with mild stomach, and occasionally, or if you just get sick from time to time and see nothing that needs an immediate veterinary care, and try your dog 24 for about 12 to fast hours. Access to clean water, but do not allow you to eat.

You can do this very hard, but remember that your pet is relieving this anxiety, you need to empty your stomach first. Feed your dog if they have vomiting or diarrhea than lengthen their agony. In addition, a healthy dog ​​can go per day without eating. Make sure you have enough clean water to provide all the time to drink.

After fasting, you can feed your dog a mild diet as a meal porridge 1 chicken (without skin white meat without bones) in 2 parts boiled rice (brown or white). Do not add spices or additives such as salt or oil. Feed your dog small portions of foods that are 3 or 4 times a day for the next day while watching your condition. As your stomach improves, gradually begins your regular diet in your diet. If, after returning to a normal diet for your dog, your stomach regrets, you know your regular food is the culprit.

Talk to your veterinarian about the possibility of giving your dog a prescription without prescription bismuth (Pepto Bismol) in the stomach or occasionally diarrhea angered.

If the status of your diseased animal or deteriorates, or if it appears to have severe symptoms such as dehydration, vomiting or vomiting, difficulties in bowel movements, pain and flatulence / hard stomach, blood in the urine seems to have stool or vomiting and lethargy And contact your veterinarian or local emergency clinic.

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