Man CONCERNED ABOUT Wife’s PIT BULL TERRIER When Baby EXISTS Is Completely IMPRESSED with what He Does


Considering the horror stories that are usually covered by the media, it is easy to understand how people with no personal experience with pit bulls might think that every time bomb tick. Greg Heynen was one of them. Until he saw the dog most amazing his wife Zack did after her daughter was born …

Here are Greg’s story:

My wife and I had two dogs who had owned before our meeting and got him to the wedding. His dog was a pitbull cross / labrador named Zack, and he hated me. When our daughter was born, I said to the woman, “If you give the baby as a pain, he went. ”

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We got our housemaid in a car seat, and the two dogs sniffed and licked to move the queues. Zack was alienating her because she would not stop licking. Zack immediately became the protector of my daughter, and when I was lying on a blanket on the floor, always had a foot in the cover.

Zack liked my daughter tremendously, and when he was a little more, always accompanied me to bed and then lying in bed with her. Somehow I knew that when it came to climbing, waiting at the foot of the stairs and then she went to bed

Zack was poisoned by local children, and we had one of the worst days of our lives. A look at my daughter to say goodbye when he stayed in the kitchen floor, my wife and I sollozábamos.

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At 8:00 pm my daughter climbed the stairs to go to bed. By this time the three of us realized what would happen. After five years I had to accompany him to Zack. She saw her mother and me with an expression of horror and panic.

It was at this moment that my dog, I love my daughter, but I was not in the league of Zack, got up, went to her and her head jostled. He puts his foot on the ladder and looks. She went to the bed, grabbed her daughter tightly around his neck.

In the next six years until his death, Sam waited down the stairs every night.

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