Natural Flea, Tick, Fly & Mosquito Repellent for Dogs and Their People


Ticks, fleas, flies and mosquitoes – some of the most annoying creatures on this planet. Murders, biting us and spread the disease. But the charged products with toxic chemicals are not an ideal solution. Here are some cheap ways to keep simple and efficient for your dog this summer happy and safe.

Now we have not personally tested all these means, but here are some of the most common ways that people keep these annoying creatures away from their dogs. This hippie woman comes home:

Natural fleas and ticks for your dog:

Flea can be very difficult when the infestation has started to take over, but if you work diligently and can often eliminate the population of the fleas in your house and yard. There are many natural options that are very effective on fleas, ticks and pest control. Some of them are:

Apple cider – Essiggeruch alone is enough to ward off mosquitoes, but apple cessation is a repellent. It is a natural air conditioning system for skin and hair. It is also ideal to add shine and to shine on the hair. A good way to use the air cushion vehicle is to repel insects, apple celery in rosemary, lavender, neem leaf and / or other insect herbs for two weeks, shake the glass daily. Strain the herbs and sprinkle the race of your dog. Allow to dry and do not rinse! It works well in people as well and safely in and around the children as well.

Essential Oils – There are many essential oils that help repel all kinds of insects and are safe to use in dog, spray! You can replace these essential oils in homemade flea your dog against fleas and ticks based on what you have on hand. PLEASE NOTE – Dogs must be treated with babies when it comes to essential oils and how much to use. Not only that they have sensitive noses, but also smaller bodies than us. Some of the essential oils that can safely be used in dogs are fleas and ticks: lavender, lemon, lemongrass, sage / sage, bergamot, cedar, lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, mint, geranium, sweet orange and rosemary.

Herbs – There are many options that you can use Herbally for your pets. You can have a large flea dip with herbal bath heavily bathed! Just choose your repellent herbs to grow until the water is cold and spray all over your dog’s coat to saturate. Air dry without rinsing! You can also dive a little oil / coconut olives on these herbs as well as heal ointments and dab the oil herbs behind the ears and other pressure points. Some of these herbs that can be used to repel insects from your puppy – peppermint, eucalyptus leaves, cloves (sure to use nails like that, but it is dangerous to use nourishing essential oil), citrus (lemon / orange) Rosemary, garlic (which is safe for external use when the steep oil, but it is safe for dogs internally dangerous), sage, lavender and lemongrass.

Regular bath genuine soap – One of the most important steps in flea control and prevention at home regularly is to bathe their dogs and use genuine soap when doing so instead of synthetic detergents. Genuine soap such as soap with oils and fats, and when placed in an insect (which is true in your garden and people!) To disturb the cell membranes of the insect, causing that the dehydration will die. Do not forget to dilute when the soap is used, it is very concentrated and should not be straight.

Regularly dusty dust helps regularly from your carpet, flooring and furniture to collect fleas and eggs. It is important to flush control the vacuum immediately after the vacuum cleaner and to remove it from home to avoid re-infestation. Thumbs kill additional note (which also helps repel) add a few drops of essential oil repellent 2 cups of baking soda and sprinkle all your carpet before sucking. Let stand before 15-30 minutes sucking. No leaving a pleasant fragrance to your home, but also helps to kill and bother pesky bugs! This is also great for all beds and pet furniture often found your dog.

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Keep your yard – outdoor flea problems, they can be managed by keeping your lawn and shrubs and short frequent meetings where your pet is. You can also spray soap.

Washing sheets weekly – Even if you can wash linens in the washing machine, others are more difficult to do so often. I am lazy and I have big dog clothes so I like to spray the beds with baking soda and essential oils whilem sweat my carpet, I leave 15-30 minutes and vacuum stands.

Make your own flea neck ribbon – you can easily add your own flea neck ribbon when you get a simple cotton necklace pet necklace and add a few drops of insect repellent (10-15 drops of any combination of insect repellant oil 1 tablespoon.) * Oil portador.No essential Oils apply necklace clean them on the skin of your dog and cause irritation without carrier oil).

Essential oils to prevent their dogs

It is important to note that there are essential oils that are toxic to dogs. Some information pertaining to the internet pending makes it sound like the culprit is simply to use the quality of essential oils you are using, but the fact of the matter is, although the essential oils of quality is something we should all think in humans or not The reason being because the specific chemical compounds are toxic to dogs, regardless of the quality of essential oils. Some of these essential oils According to the book Holistic aromatherapy for animals, to avoid using their dogs are:


Anise Mugwort
Birch Mustard
Bitter Almond Oregano
Boldo Pennyroyal
Calamus Thyme
Camphor Rue
Cassia Santalina
Chenopodium Sassafras
Clove Leaf and Bud Savory
Crested Lavender Tansy
Garlic Terebinth
Goosefoot Thuja
Horseradish Wintergreen
Hyssop Wormwood
Juniper Yarrow

* Carrier oils are oils that dilute essential oils. Examples fractionate (at room temperature liquid) of coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. When the essential oil is obtained in the skin, a carrier oil is washed in the area, and then washed with water and soap.

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To spray, you must first get a bottle of colored glass spray. Essential oils are volatile and can break the plastic. This recipe comes from the delicious Yummies:

2 tablespoons of hamamelis or vodka

2 tablespoons of carrier oil (can be combined)

100 drops of essential oil. You can also combine these – mix a few drops several times to see what you like together. Lavender and a pair of good lemon; Lemon eucalyptus; Lemon and lemongrass; Mint and pine; And my favorite – bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime and sweet oranges. (It’s divine!) You will have to get the proportions you need to experiment with.

Mixing and spraying. In a cool, dry place.


Pregnant women should be careful when using essential oils.

It can also fill snacks from home tiki bottles to produce ¼ mode with vegetable oil and adding 50-75 drops of essential oil. Be sure to use a 100% cotton wicker, or it will smoke and burn.

You will find a good essential oil starter kit here.

What is the best natural defenses? Tell us in the comments.

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