Pit Bulls Are Just About the Nicest Dogs There Are

While many have captured the myths and facts of Pit Bull, there will always be people who refuse to tell the truth of hype. We’ve lost Pit Bull Awareness Month, but we’ve never got a chance of losing the public, and helping love pitbulls. Keep reading, share this article with others and share your stories with us Pibble!

“The overwhelming majority of wells and wells are goofballs blends sweet,” wrote the ASPCA on your blog.

11.8.13 - Pit Bull Myths

Bred to Love: The Truth About Pit Bull Terriers (courtesy of the SPCA in Erie County)

How to diffuse popular myths about Pit Bull Terriers

The Pit Bull Terrier is particularly vulnerable to biting races.

NO! According to the American Society of Test Temperament 86.8% of the American Pit Bull Terrier in 2012, the company has passed tests that measure stability, aggression, friendship and protection. 85.2% of the retrievers and golden collies spent 80.1% of the tests.

Pitbulls or attack more than any other breed of the dog.

NO! Although all studies on dog bites, the American Veterinary Medical Association found that no breed is dangerous as another. In contrast, studies show that the most popular breed list any time tend to rise because there are more these dogs in the general population.

Pitbulls have lockbacks.

NO! According to Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin, Ph.D., a researcher at the University of Georgia and the training of experts, management, behavior and anatomy of bull-raising “The few studies that have been made are structure skull, jaw and teeth of American Pit Bull Terriers show that in relation to their size, their jaw structure, and thus their derived functional morphology, is no different from any other dog breed. There is absolutely no evidence for the existence of a “locking mechanism” only on the structure of the jaw and / or teeth of the American Pit Bull Terrier.
Source: American Dog Breeders Association

Pitbull terriers have more pressure than any other breed bite.

NO! According to Dr. Brisbin (as mentioned above), “to our knowledge no scientific studies allow a meaningful comparison of the biting power of several breeds of dogs. All published figures describe biting force in such conditions can be attributed to unfounded rumors. ”

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Here are some other facts, courtesy of Pit Sisters

• According to the Humane Society of the United States animals, pitbulls are the “most abused dog breed and misunderstood”, the 70% of dogs taken and euthanasia in urban shelters (HSUS abbreviated in English).

• Pitbulls were known in the early 1900s as “child girl dogs” because they were tolerant and friendly children. Dog Helen Keller “Sir Thomas” was a pitbull and “Petey” dog mascot Little Rascals (Yahoo! News).

• “Pit Bull” is not a race; It is a label used to describe several breeds, including Bullterrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullterrier, Staffordshire Bullterrier and American Bulldog (ASPCA).

• Race-specific policies (including euthanasia for protection) and legislation (prohibition) focus on the appearance of a dog rather than their actual race (as determined by DNA testing). People often mistakenly identify a dog breed 75% of the time (Denver Post). (You know if you’ve seen a pit bull?

• Boxers, bullmastiffs and bulldogs are often confused with pit bulls (ASPCA).

• Pit bull bites attract more media attention than other breed bites. In a four-day study of dog bite report, National Canine Research has found a bias against the media against pit bull. Each of the three deadly attacks separated by no pit bull racing was mentioned once or twice in the local newspapers. In comparison, a pit bull attack was not fatally covered more than 230 times in national and international newspapers and major television stations, such as CNN, MSNBC and FOX (ASPCA).

• A study by Dr. Brady Barr of National Geographic found that the bite pressure (PSI) is a pit bull smaller than a shepherd or Rottweiler (The Pit Bull Placebo).

• As a terrier, bite and hold pit bulls while other breeds bite and keep releasing. Dogs Bite Sticks Fighters create pitbulls quickly and efficiently to evacuate. These sticks are ineffective and dangerous when used with other breeds breaking erratically (Pit Bull Rescue Center).

• Almost 50 dogs “Bad Newz Kennels” Michael Vick has been redeveloped to the shrines. Despite the abuse and torture, many of them have been successfully accepted (NPR).


Here are some interesting facts – not proven by experts, but parents can attest to these truths pibble:

Pitbulls are good friends, but early socialization and education are the keys if you want to have some training.

They are not battling each other bred, but they are terriers, which means that I like to dig rodents and chase and other small creatures.

They are smarter than people give them credit. Puppies can complete the formation of paper for 4-5 months.

Pitbulls help relieve depression and anxiety.

They are loyal and will do everything to be loved and heard.

Each Pit Bull is different in terms of water. Some might happily live in a lake ducks while others refuse to leave their toes wet and get sprayed.

Pitbulls have some of all dogs the most expressive faces. You always know what your dog thinks because he is written on his face.

Some have limitless energy, and others are muffle, but they are usually happy to do what you do.

This guy used to be a bit scared of pit bulls, but that was before he met Spartacus, the 65-lb lap beast who likes to "claim" people by laying on their chests and not letting them leave.

This guy used to be a bit afraid of pitbulls, but before meeting Spartacus, the beast of 65 books like “recover” the people who put on the chest and no longer let go.

Pitbulls break daily stereotypes. Many people who have seen just terrible news items are afraid of pitbulls that all ticks BOMBS. People who come to the pitbulls often know that the servants in the homes with love and education are very friendly and gentle.

Pitbulls are transforming animals.

Two of his favorite jobs are cuddling and snooping.

Many pit bulls are bubble camels and prefer to stay warm in bed rather than go to 6 hours, even if they are the day before not in the past 6 pm.

There is no need available to waste if you have a pit bull.

If the remnants of healthy table are part of their diet, it is less likely that trashes are looking for trash that they have been deprived of.

Pitbull’s good family make terrible watchers because they are always happy to make a new friend.

You can sleep by a flight, but hide thunder.

Pitbulls are always entertaining, and many guests at the fabulous party.

Take one (or two) today!


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