Pet owners irate after getting cayenne pepper dumped on neighbourhood lawns


Owners of pets in Seattle are angry actions taken by a landlord to keep the dogs of your lawn. Cayenne pepper was intentionally thrown on the lawn a message for pet owners to bring the failure after their dogs would not be tolerated. The problem is that pepper, in such amounts, it is very dangerous for dogs and led at least one dog to burn on the pads of their feet which require veterinary care.

Fredda Starr is the landlord of the apartments “Greenwood Manor Court”, and she said she did not want to hurt an animal. “I love dogs, but I do not know how all the poop is left lying on the ground,” stiff, yes, yes, stop and dilute dogs avoid harming pepper said. Furthermore, pepper, left, rigid empty containers scattered in the area, instead of throwing them.

Pepper is not toxic, but can cause problems for the animals, eat or walk on. “It bothers the stomach, burns in it and can cause more easily diarrhea,” said Dr. Zile Singh, veterinary Greenwood Animal Hospital.

Gujral Wallace, owner of the injured dog, was outraged and said, “It’s absolutely despicable, his intentions are what makes me scared” and ask “How do you get in your head Are you so bad” your dog called the Buddha , He suffered burns on his legs and has hired several hundred dollars in veterinarians. If this had been done on a smaller dog, it could have been much worse. Wallace says he will bring local residents together to do a better job of keeping the area clean from animal waste.


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