The Origin of the American Dingo or Carolina Dog

Carolina Dog

A beautiful adoption story Sarah Nagem Observer news. A Carolina dog after getting up, he discovers that he is an old kind of dog, and it is quite special. Science believes that the case is so old that it could come across the Bering Bridge of Asia in North America! Now this is an old racing school!

When I decided five years ago a dog was about to take over, I do not really know about the race. But I wanted something that was sporty and lazy, with enough strength to be my running mate and cuddled enough to be on the couch with me.

A mute ear loose with big brown eyes looked into the Wake County Animal Center and has been best friends.

People protected, said Lucy the dog was a terrier / dog mix, but I thought it was just a guess. I thought it looked like an elk with his legs and barrel-shaped chest slender long, so I added, “dog” to his name – you know, to clarify any confusion.

A veterinary technician’s office called LBD, the acronym for “little brown dog. ”

Later I began a man (now husband), who presented a new theory:

Lucy is a Carolina dog – a free spirit South East mascot, a gentle soul, but careful with croque to his mustache.

Growing up in West Virginia, I had never heard of a dog. However, research has shown that Lucy has many characteristics of the dog Carolina: fish glue, small size, long neck, almond eyes, small feet. It is the right size and color, too – light brown and about 40 pounds.

I wanted to know more about this breed discovered by I. Lehr Brisbin Science in South Carolina Swamp in 70 years.

There are a few years, a study found that Carolina dogs are among different breeds that are lacking from genetic markers of European origin. Some researchers believe that these dogs crossed the land bridge from Asia to North America 12,000 years ago Bering, after the man with the new territory we follow today the bath.

It goes in the United States to finally end up in the southeast at the end where the tall grass marshes serve as protection from predators. Archaeological research has shown that Native Americans ceremonially bury dogs.

What strikes me is that these wild people are some Americans dingos call, but they make wonderful pets.

“Because for thousands of years have learned to get along with people,” Brisbin, who has recognized the race from the United Kennel Club, he said.

They only learned to bark when there were problems. No one wants to hear a dog now crying all night, and apparently nobody wanted to hear either for a long time.

Carolina dogs are loving and affectionate with their families, but often distrustful of strangers. Brisbin generally says to take an attitude that says. “Oh, my God, you will spoil me, just finished”

Carolina still dogs in the southern states, although Brisbin says that there is no way to tell how much. Some of them said, “I can not get my hands.”

He said he gave about 300 dogs over the decades. Do not use fee.

“Native Americans feel that they were a gift of the Great Spirit that should be shared,” says Brisbin.

Although dogs Carolina this region home calls is spread across the country, in part because the breeders and rescue groups send families anywhere.

“I’m like,, What is this dog in Chicago? “Pestana said Christina running the red salvation and remission of the Carolina dog house in Rhode Island. It raises the question, of course, this dog was Carolina in Rhode Island.

Pestana said it has agreed to feed a puppy there is almost 9 years and learned that South Carolina was a dog. She fell in love with the breed and later began a non-profit salvation, which should be in emergency accommodations Carolina dogs and find houses for her.

Dogs must be pure Carolina dogs – mixed breeds are all right.

After looking at the pictures of Lucy The Dog, Pestana confirmed my suspicion. Lucy belongs to the Carolina dog. And other obvious features, said Pestana “beautiful eyeliner” Lucy and black nose solid.

“It’s perfect,” he said.

Jane Gunnell, who raised Carolina Carolina, South Carolina, also said Lucy is part of the race.

“They look at this face and see that he is a wonderful dog,” said Gunnell. Well, I think.

Soft as silk dog ears hide their heritage. Caroline dogs usually have protruding ears.

No DNA test for Carolina dogs, I can not know for sure. No one knows for sure what the mystique adds.

Brisbin is a clear voice, – he said, he is a Carolina dog, then he is a chien Caroline. I asked if she would if I call a dog Lucy Carolina, although it is clearly a mixture.

– Please, my guest said.

These days, I talk about Carolina dogs for everyone who listens. I just a few years did not exist, so I take to many other people, we are not aware, especially north-south way.

I see twice when I see a brown dog of medium size with a hook fishtail. I can see, ears and paws. I am looking big brown eyes.

I love Lucy the dog, as if it were not Carolina dog. She trained me for my first half marathon. She cuddled with me for lazy evenings at home.

When I fell in love with the man who became my husband, he also fell in love.

Somehow Lucy is all recognition for North Carolina, my new home. It is a little wild, but cheerful. The family is everything to her, just after lunch.

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