World’s Biggest Doggie, Freddy, Is Taller Than Most NBA Players



The new owner of the Guinness Record for the largest dog Freddy’s world, a Danish 7′-6 “live in the UK. The dog weighs 4 years more than 200 pounds, and his favorite food is peanut butter toast and roast chicken.

Claire Stoneman is dedicated to Freddy and Sister Fleur, spending more than $ 15,000 a year in their care.

“I am alone for the better part of four years. I hugged the dog and did not wash the dirty clothes, “said the old model. “These are children for me … because I have not had children. They need me and it is very nice to be needed. ”


I would like to be with a man in a relationship, but know that it can be difficult to find the right person who is about their dogs as it is so crazy.

At least Freddy now behaves well; As a puppy, the demolished 23 sofas!


I come home and found a meerschaum on the ground, “Claire said. “But it’s my baby and I can not imagine life without him. ”

It is still very early to take a 40 minute walk to avoid most other dogs who would be intimidated by their size.

“If he wants to hunt a dog, I would not be able to stop it,” he said.


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